Sylwia Woźniczka

 is a painter by training and engraver of hunting weapons by profession.

In 2003, she graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland. In 2009, she he obtained her Master’s degree in Fine Arts with the Best Diplomas award.

Sylwia Wanda creates realistic paintings, primarily portraits of women or children against architectural landscapes, taking great care to recreate the smallest of details. She is consistent in her socialist realist and postmodern style, which has become a hallmark of her art.

She began her engraving journey in 2010, acquiring the skills necessary  to work as an engraver of hunting weapons. Since then, she has been devoted to continuous development of her craftsmanship. This profession requires talent, precision, attentiveness, and real passion for creating miniatures. Sylwia’s many years of experience allow her to engrave traditional hunting motifs (Acanthus leaf spiral ornaments, animal and hunting scenes), as well as alternative themes (such as portraits, landscapes, and pop culture images).

Sylwia genuinely enjoys the “bulino” method of engraving, which means recreating images by carefully retaining the highest level of realism. She is a fan of Italian, English, and American engravings for their artful and sophisticated look.

She usually works with hunting weapons (Blaser, Merkel, Krieghoff, Dumoulin, Browning, Mannlicher), pistols (SIG-Sauer, Desert Eagle), hunting knives and watches (Rolex, Omega).

Sylwia is a member of PZŁ (Polish Hunting Association).